Tuesday, May 4, 2010

possible lifeworld 1.mov

I am on You Tube!!!

This my first video on You Tube. It is a one minute study of my Cicada House and thoughts about my ideas of possible "lifeworlds", a concept which I have been reading about in an academic course I am taking this quarter.
This article (Wicks, P. G. & Reason, P. (2009). Initiating action research. Action Research Journal, (7)3, 243-262) backs up the questions I have been thinking about in my art and in my life. It talks about opening communication with questions such as “do I understand? Is it correct? Are the motives pure? Does it feel like the “right” thing to do?" (p245).

Also, our video art teacher is AMAZING!!! Check him out and the resources for the course:
Dan Channel

Cicada House

This is a detail from "Cicada House", the second piece where I combined projected imagery with a pre-exsisting doll house. This time, I projected into the doll house (rather than on the outside/front). This piece has a sound track of simple piano music, performed by my friend Lia Eastep that was scored from the sounds of cicadas recorded in nature.

One of the most interesting things about looking at this project turned out to be the colored lights on the wall. The video is of cicadas, which I edited from images borrowed with permission from cicadamania.com. As it was projected, it was almost undecipherable, just adding mood and magic to the house.

New prints from Winter Qtr at OSU

This is a detail shot of my first stone lithography

This is my first stone litho, "Understairs", 10.5" x 7.75"
Wow! I LOVE drawing on the stone and printing from it. I am still deep into this metaphor of using insects to think about human domesticity.

"Jennifer" reductive screen print, 11" x 15"
This print was a color and technique study, but more importantly, a reflection on the cycles of life and the recent loss of a dear family friend

Installation views for "Cicadas, Silkworms and Posable Dolls"

objects from the Posable Doll Series