Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Alive Again

I was really receptive to my artist reception. I usually feel very awkward in situations like this. But, I must say, to be surrounded by a room full of strangers who were honestly interested and inquiring about my artwork gave me a lot of hope. It was beautiful to see that my images weren't wholly personal. Rather that they could touch people, make them think and feel. The students were informed and articulate at West Virginia State University. They had spent time with the work (it was a closing reception) and their questions and comments reflected this. I really value the comments that people left in my handmade butterfly notebook. It reinforces my impulse to share my own comments with exhibiting artists.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

art show

Junior Target (Alive Again)
This was the card image for my recent show at West Virginia State University. The show was titled "Alive Again" and was on view from January 27-February 19, 2009. At the closing reception I spoke to 80-100 students and faculty about the work, my process and my inspiration. Steve (my husband) and Ely, our 8 year old son accompanied me to install and stike the show. They were there for the artists reception and were credited as my support and my muses. It was a powerful experience for me that the rest of the group were strangers who were there because they wanted to be. Not because they were my friends or family members.
These images are some of my most recent. They are collage images and more raw than my previous work. I feel a little less put together and more vulnerable these days and I think the work reflects that.



This piece was started last summer when I taught a week-long workshop for high school art educators. It was a studio-centered experience, and I had my own space for the week as well. It was empowering to work along side so many teachers who were connecting with their creative selves.

(No longer) Afraid and Boxed In and Going Nowhere
The next images are all mixed media intaglio prints. I did this group in Spring 2007. I would love to make a lot more prints.
Modern English

new beginning

Today is the day that I am officially starting my own blog. I think it will be a collection of my thoughts, hopes and inspirations. A place to share my research and my life. At least parts of it. Like my assemblage work, I will save, arrange, assemble and contemplate. But also follow my intuition and believe that it is enough.