Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Alive Again

I was really receptive to my artist reception. I usually feel very awkward in situations like this. But, I must say, to be surrounded by a room full of strangers who were honestly interested and inquiring about my artwork gave me a lot of hope. It was beautiful to see that my images weren't wholly personal. Rather that they could touch people, make them think and feel. The students were informed and articulate at West Virginia State University. They had spent time with the work (it was a closing reception) and their questions and comments reflected this. I really value the comments that people left in my handmade butterfly notebook. It reinforces my impulse to share my own comments with exhibiting artists.


  1. Hello Brooke. I'm glad I saw you post your blog address on facebook.

    Congrats on the show!

    Hope all is well!
    -brian kellett

  2. Hi Brooke! Welcome to Blog world! Stop by my blog for a refreshing treat.