Sunday, July 15, 2012

Almost Home

Friday, July 6, 2012 - over 50 man power hours in the installation, my solo show opens.  More than 150 people wander in and through the exhibition.  About forty of my friends and family members braved the elements to attend, including cousins from Florida and friends from Puerto Rico who happened to be in Ohio.

I really pushed myself and my family to the limits.  But, I am pleased.  It looks just like I hoped it would.

I always love seeing my name in vinyl on a white gallery wall!

This is the view from the street.  Welcome to my inspired space of old and new, cozy and creepy, assembled, found and made.  A dilapidated interior space, reminiscent of  the miniature places I created in collaboration with my beloved silkworms.  Three video projections of footage culled from the more than 24 hours I have documented of silkworms, moths and their life cycle.
A door inside the door.  A place inside the space.
Like a moth emerging from her cocoon, the moving image on the window only reveals itself over time as the daylight fades, the image becomes visible.  The footage is of moth silhouettes, fluttering on curtains, searching for a mate.

Ten prints, 9 installation areas, one idea.

The print I used to make the wallpaper hung on the wallpaper.  I thought about that a long time and it has been fun to see.  The table and chair piece has treasures in the drawer and a magnifying glass to look at them and at the wallpaper.

The bed has adult moths - calling, mating, laying eggs.  It turned out exactly as I imagined with mating moth puppets on the edge of the bed.

Possibly my favorite piece is the crib with projection of crawling, eating caterpillar babies.  The projection is somewhat dim and you have to approach the crib to really see what is happening.  Quiet like.

The show is up through July 28 with my artist talk on Saturday, July 21 at 7pm.  Come by if you can!

Day Six - show opens!

Friday, July 6, 2012 - The day I have been waiting for and working for.  Heat remains up above 100 degrees.  I return to City Art Center to finish the show and celebrate.  I am blessed with the help of Jacqulyn Davis for the third day as well as Dawn Norris.  So generous of them to offer their time.  And lucky for me they are experienced in hanging 2D art.  They hang all the prints while I work on painting AV shelves black to allow them to disappear and 100 other last minute details.  I accidentally fall through the floor about 2 hours before the show opens.  Oops.  And ouch.  I decided to wear the long dress. 

Did I mention that it is still crazy hot?  I manage to snap at everyone, but it all gets done. 

Steve took the day off again to meet with doctors and such.  Hooray, his dad was released from the hospital.  At 5:30pm.  So Steve had to leave to be with me in Delaware.  And his car almost overheats, so no air conditioning.  Ely about melted.

We take a sanity break to cool off in the Mexican restaurant across the street and then the party begins. 

Day Five

Thursday, July 5, 2012
Steve takes the day off to be able to be with his dad and mom at the hospital and to hear what the doctors have to say.  I have a full day field trip with about 20 kids at High Banks Metro Park.  I am seriously stressed and sleep deprived, but a day with kids in nature turns out to be exactly what I needed.

Steve and I drive back up and meet with a photographer from the Delaware Gazette.  The story is about City Art Center's Kickstarter campaign to raise $3000, but I must say it was fun to be on the front page of a newspaper!

We stayed until 12:30 am and succeeded in hanging both of the two projectors from the ceiling in the "bedroom" of the installation. 

Day Four

Wednesday, July 4, 2012 - Happy Independence Day and a trip to the hospital

Still over 100 degrees, we decide to sleep in and forgo and parades - although we love them so.  A little after 11am we get a panicked call from my mother-in-law.  She is afraid that Steve's dad, Joe has had a stroke.  The ambulance takes him to the nearest hospital and we pick up my mother-in-law and brother-in-law to head to the ER.  Luckily, it is determined that Joe didn't have a stroke, but he is admitted for testing and observation.

We are exhausted after a day of heat and drama, but Steve and I head up to Delaware again where we begin to tackle the AV pieces.  One down, two to go.   

Day Three

Tuesday, July 3 - Red, White and Boom!

Start the day at Columbus Montessori again.  I love those kids and the chance to do longer term project work with them.  Ely stays at school to start his American Red Cross Babysitting Training - which he thinks is fantastic.  Steve keeps his day simple by only working one physically demanding job in the extreme heat and I head back up to Delaware to hang the butterfly book objects installation and finish the wallpaper with Jacqulyn's help.

After about 4.5 hours work, I head back to C Bus for a mini nap.  And then off to a secret, amazing location to view the fireworks spectacular.  Few things are more inspiring than seeing color explode in the sky!  I mean the whole sky - we were so close it hurt my neck to take it all in!

Day Two

Monday, July 2 - Still uber hot in Ohio. 

I start the day working with elementary kids at Columbus Montessori on an art/literacy project I call "A Day in My Life", which is a 4-6 frame comic about an aspect of their life.  They choose topics that ranged from the birth of a sibling, the death of a pet, diagnosis of a medical problem, to riding and amusement park ride with a friend. 

Ely and I drive to Delaware where we are later met by Steve and 2 wonderful helpers, Harry Pape, CAC Trustee (also a strong and competent worker) and Jacqulyn Davis a former and current student of mine who lives nearby.  We got a lot of the heavy stuff done, and started on the wallpaper.

Solo show installation timeline - Day One

July 1, 2012 - Summer wind storm and record heat in central Ohio.  Luckily, our power was only out for a few hours.  Many area residents won't have their power back for days.  Roads were closed due to downed tree limbs.  It takes nearly 2 hours to load my Subaru forester and a borrowed pick up truck with a full flight of stairs and its landing, a 100 year old door, windows, columns and more.  Finally off to Delaware, about 30 miles North, taking an alternate route.  With less than 5 miles to go, some poor soul crashed into the passenger side of my vehicle, a guard rail, a concrete median and a small tree while having a seizure.  I wasn't injured, just in shock with a sore back and neck - especially in days to come.  Instead of working on installation, we spent an hour baking in the heat on the side of the road to be sure she is okay, file police reports and wait for her to be life flighted away from the scene.

We finally made it to the City Art Center, 22 E Winter St, Delaware, OH  and unload.  Did I mention that it was over 100 degrees?  We break for dinner at the wonderful Bun Restaurant and go back to work for a couple of hours before returning to Columbus on the skirts of another storm.