Friday, October 10, 2014

Looking forward, looking back

It has been nearly two years since I made a post and tonight I decided to change that.  I spent a wonderful evening with my husband and now 13 year old son enjoying Columbus on a rainy October night by visiting galleries full of interesting art and people and dining in the oldest continuously running tavern in the city.  We saw glowing paintings and compelling monoprints from one of my art school classmates Inka Essenhigh in her show at Columbus College of Art & Design and delved into the life of Jim Arter at his exhibit at the Cultural Arts Center where we also saw dozens of people that we knew from all eras of our own lives as artists in our hometown.  It warmed me on this October night to be greeted with such enthusiasm.  It makes me feel like things are as they should be through all the changes and transitions that have come our way.

I also noticed that the link to the 4 minute Art Zine documentary about aspects of my art and life had expired.  This one should work: I still have never caught it on T.V. although people have told me that they have seen it.  It is sweet and lovely to see my child at that time and hear his voice, so clear and strong before it changed into the deeper one he now shares with the world.

I am thinking that I love the life I have created.  And I am grateful.