Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I am on You Tube!!!

This my first video on You Tube. It is a one minute study of my Cicada House and thoughts about my ideas of possible "lifeworlds", a concept which I have been reading about in an academic course I am taking this quarter.
This article (Wicks, P. G. & Reason, P. (2009). Initiating action research. Action Research Journal, (7)3, 243-262) backs up the questions I have been thinking about in my art and in my life. It talks about opening communication with questions such as “do I understand? Is it correct? Are the motives pure? Does it feel like the “right” thing to do?" (p245).

Also, our video art teacher is AMAZING!!! Check him out and the resources for the course:
Dan Channel

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  1. Nice work, Brooke! Love the imagery on the wall from the windows. There's plenty to think about in this work, I'll be back to visit and digest further (when its not the night before the Ap exam and I'm fried :)
    Looks like you're doing well!