Thursday, March 26, 2015

Making Books

In the Spring of 2013, I had a message in my email inbox inviting me to enter an exhibition at the Columbus Metropolitan Library.  In my life as an artist, this is about the most exciting email possible!  The challenge was to take discarded books from the collection as an inspiration to make new art.  The show was called Art Unbound and featured 18 local artist (including myself!)  When I asked curator and artist Stephanie Rond how she decided to contact me, she said "I have been following your career and I thought your work would be a nice addition to the show".  Wow!  Somebody has been following my work???  I made a town of books for the project.  It includes books inspired by my house, my chicken coop and other personally important aspects of Columbus, Ohio such as my parents home, my neighbor and close friends' home, a school, a place of worship, the main library, city, hall, the zoo and more. I designed and made a large mixed media map to place the books upon and titled the collective work

A Sense of Place:

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