Thursday, March 26, 2015

Filling Books

I know that my life as a teacher is influenced by my life as an artist which in turn influences my life as a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, human on the planet Earth.  I love this symbiotic relationship and realize that it makes me who I am.  I have worked in a Visual Journal for most of my adult life.  Lately, I have been inspired by The 2015 Art Project and how my visual journal allows me to develop The 16 Habits of Mind.  Here are a few recent 2-page spreads from my current journal:
Self Portrait

Self Portrait detail

When I Needed Wings

Let it Go!

Super liberating to take fodder that was generated around toxic people of my past, cut it into tiny shards and reassemble it into my "frozen fractal".  I was able to move on as I wrote out statements, "Just like me, the people who have hurt me are...
seeking happiness
trying to avoid suffering
have known sadness, loneliness and despair
they seek to fulfill their needs
Just like me they are learning about life.
I literally felt lighter after I finished the page!
Self Love (detail)

Self Love

I used quotes from Mother Teresa and Don Miguel Ruiz in this one, as I thought about embracing both my light side and my dark side.
 These were all inspired by journal prompts from 2015 Art Project.  So glad I signed up for this year long project!

 These are less finished but equally as functional pages from my current journal.  I use my journal to process my life.  One page bleeds to the next, influencing it and changing it forever, JUST LIKE LIFE!  I revisit each page 3 - 7 times, sometimes within hours, other times over a period of months.  I don't work in my journal everyday, but I do keep it close to me and close to my heart.  I truly live in my journals and work on filling them for 8 - 12 months each, a few minutes at a time.

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