Sunday, July 15, 2012

Almost Home

Friday, July 6, 2012 - over 50 man power hours in the installation, my solo show opens.  More than 150 people wander in and through the exhibition.  About forty of my friends and family members braved the elements to attend, including cousins from Florida and friends from Puerto Rico who happened to be in Ohio.

I really pushed myself and my family to the limits.  But, I am pleased.  It looks just like I hoped it would.

I always love seeing my name in vinyl on a white gallery wall!

This is the view from the street.  Welcome to my inspired space of old and new, cozy and creepy, assembled, found and made.  A dilapidated interior space, reminiscent of  the miniature places I created in collaboration with my beloved silkworms.  Three video projections of footage culled from the more than 24 hours I have documented of silkworms, moths and their life cycle.
A door inside the door.  A place inside the space.
Like a moth emerging from her cocoon, the moving image on the window only reveals itself over time as the daylight fades, the image becomes visible.  The footage is of moth silhouettes, fluttering on curtains, searching for a mate.

Ten prints, 9 installation areas, one idea.

The print I used to make the wallpaper hung on the wallpaper.  I thought about that a long time and it has been fun to see.  The table and chair piece has treasures in the drawer and a magnifying glass to look at them and at the wallpaper.

The bed has adult moths - calling, mating, laying eggs.  It turned out exactly as I imagined with mating moth puppets on the edge of the bed.

Possibly my favorite piece is the crib with projection of crawling, eating caterpillar babies.  The projection is somewhat dim and you have to approach the crib to really see what is happening.  Quiet like.

The show is up through July 28 with my artist talk on Saturday, July 21 at 7pm.  Come by if you can!

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