Thursday, March 26, 2015

"New" Art and I love my pets

Well, my studio practice has certainly ratcheted down since grad school (full time jobs take up a lot of time!), but I feel more often than not that artmaking is a part of my daily (or at least weekly) life.  I have developed several bodies of work post MFA and I have filled five visual journals.  I have worked a lot with watercolor paint due to it's vibrant color potential and portability.  Here is a bit of an update:

Sacred Heart of Shelter Pets

This body of work was inspired by adopting two rabbits from Capital Area Humane Society, which led to volunteering there through their remarkable STEPS training program . My son and I learned so much about animal wellness and the work of this important organization through this 20 hour program.

Once we had our new pets (first Jasper, a male Holland Lop, selected us in June of 2012, followed by his life partner Kitty, a female Jersey Wooly and Lionhead mix -formerly known as Tulip-in October 2012), I thought deeply about the journey of animals towards finding a "forever home".  I wondered about why humans selected, then discarded animals and I wondered about what the transition full of foreign people, animals and spaces must be like for the tiny creatures who simply want to love and be loved.  Through making the paintings, I realized that I was just grateful that these two particular animals had endured the process so that they could find a home with our family.

Finding Home:

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